Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LA Cycle Chic Ride: shopping on Melrose

Invite from Cosmo of lacyclechic.blogspot.com
Come join LA Cycle Chic for a really relaxed ride to shopping on Melrose. We'll meet at Scoops and people can get ice cream while they are getting ready to ride or if people prefer they can get ice cream after or not at all. Scoops is vegan friendly. Also Pure Luck vegan restaurant is right across the street in case people want to get dinner after. There are also plenty of places along the route if we need refreshment. The Metro Redline stops as Vermont & Santa Monica and it is a short ride from there to where we are meeting. Parking can be tricky in the area so plan to arrive early if you are driving. As a group we'll decide how much shopping we do. Dress should be chic. I hope you can make it.
(this is Cosmo. she's awesome)
Edit: If you are planning on attending please sign up to follow us on Twitter that way we can tweet where we are and you can tweet us and everyone can K.I.T.


  1. Another orange cargo bike!!!

    Hi Cosmo!

  2. Bike, good.
    Shopping, fun.
    Twitter, I don't do that ; )

  3. I tried to resist Twitter but I succumbed to peer pressure. It should be great for people who don't know me to send me a message to find out where we are just in case it isn't obvious.