Monday, October 26, 2009


I am a very loyal person. I have no problem holding on to something for a really long time while using it all the time. One of the things I have had, since the late 90's (my stepfather had it prior to that from 1988) is my old bike, Baby (named so because "nobody puts Baby in the corner").

Baby is a 1987 Specialized Rockhopper Comp that has been modified to be a super comfortable commuter. She has been taken care of very well over her 22 years and is great to ride. The only reason I stopped riding her is because I needed a smaller frame (this one is extra large and just a tad too big for me at 6'). Even with the size issue, I have taken this bike all over the SF Bay Area over the years.

Baby's yellow fenders always make me happy!

While I love talking about my bike, I have a purpose.

Baby needs a home! While I will write up the details of this sometime this week, it comes down to this- I want Baby to go to a good home where she will be used and cared for. So here are the basics.

1) I will give Baby to the lucky recipient. If this person is not within easy delivery /pick up distance (50ish miles) we will have to work out shipping (which is not expensive).

2) She will come as is (she is 22 years old. She has been completely maintained, is solid and will come tuned and ready to go, but as with all older bikes, she is not perfect and has nicks and scratches and will most likely need some maintenance work in the not too distant future).

3) Baby will come with her lovely yellow fenders, her wonderful orange bell and a child safety seat (I will take pictures of the set up later this week so everyone can see what is really on offer here).

4) The idea is for Baby to go to someone who really wants to start a bike life, but for whatever reason, needs a bike and can not get one. This could be you, but I am really looking for someone who has been nominated by a friend. Do you know someone who needs a solid bike to get a kid around with?

So there it is. Look for complete details later this week and start thinking about someone you know who could give Baby the home she deserves!


  1. Awww! This is an adorable post - such great history with your bike! It does break my heart that you have to give Baby up :(

    And I didn't realize you were 6'! When we met at Tour de Fat I figured shoes attributed to your height, I'm 6'2"!

  2. baby, it was nice to meet you! have fun in your next adventures :D

  3. that's a pretty sweet bike, hope it finds a good home! good luck

  4. Hey Adrienne,
    You know, that particular frame- make, model, year, size, color- was the one I did my li'l bike messenger job with, so you can imagine that it was a pretty important and sentimental bike for me. I actually found this picture by doing a search for "green rockhopper comp".
    Do you still have it? If you haven't unloaded it, I'd be interested.

  5. I also have a 1987 Rockhopper Comp (in the same color)
    I'm the original owner and must admit that its wonderful condition is due to my utter lack of attention to it. (and my health!)
    I just put new tires on her so I think I'll take her out for a spin. =]
    Hope your baby landed in loving hands.

  6. Dirk- I never got around to giving it away, so it is still here. Call me.

    Scott- The best thing i did to that bicycle was take of the GD biopace cranks. If your knees start to hurt riding it, change those suckers quick!

  7. Adrienne,
    I think about this bike all the time.

  8. I had that same bike. It was my first mountain bike and I rode it all over the place, including one epic ride from Salt Lake City (at 5,000 foot elevation) up to base of Snowbird (8,300 foot elevation by road), up to top of the Snowbird (11,000 foot elevation) by trail and down the backside to Alpine, Utah by make your own trail and back to Salt Lake City. My bones were pretty rattled at the end of that one. LOL.

    I eventually sold that bike and always regretted it; realizing later it was the perfect commuter/town bike, but I am sure the new owner thoroughly enjoyed it.