Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Would Not Have Thought It Possible

Three thousand, four hundred and forty seven miles from October 14th, 2008 to October 14th 2009. That is how far I have got puttering around town, buying groceries and going to work. It wasn't a monumental effort. It was just daily life.

I Bike (291/365)

It isn't the distance that is important. It was what I got out of those miles that counts- new friends, new opportunities, new strength, new life!

Get out and ride my friends! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


  1. that's pretty cool

    reminds me to put my little mile clocker thingy on asap so I can keep track too!

  2. Whoa-ho. Good work! I suspect my total would be less, but I do wonder how many miles I accumulate just getting about.

  3. I can proud-n-loud say i feel very, very happy to be a little part of that new spectrum of yours ;)
    ♥ride-ride everybody!!

  4. Wow, you're awesome! Although I don't have a bike computer anymore, I think I only do about 2.500 km a year...

  5. Good on you! I wonder how many kilograms of carbon you and your family have saved by biking as much as you do?

  6. Every mile is good! I wonder how many miles have been logged by the 200 regular readers of this blog?

  7. @Kenzo: None. Barring nuclear processes carbon is conserved. The weight of carbon on Earth does increase by circa ten tons daily though. It falls from space (where it was made in nuclear processes).

    Which is a good thing if you like carbon based life forms.

    @Adrienne: I started riding before the existence of bike computers; and put mine away years ago, so I can only guesstimate that you can put me down for somewhere between one quarter and one half a million miles.

    I'm not at all sure that's a good thing, but there it is.

  8. That's quite impressive. I'm not really a fan of bike computers but it's fascinating to realise how far you bike over the course of a year.


  9. Vee-Baby- It is kinda cool to see the miles rack up! Then you get kinda competitive with yourself : )

    Thom- you need a stair counter : D

    Meli- back atcha, chicita : )

    anna- thank you!

    KFG- goals!!

    sexify- OK, love the handle! I am not a bike computer kinda gal, either. This one was built into my bike and I figured it would be fun to see what came out of it. Now I use it to see how many café treats I can have in a week with x# of miles equaling y# of tasty treats!

  10. Seeing the miles racked up like this is pretty astonishing - that's a real, genuine achievement - *adds thought to cycle marketing ideas*

    Just goes to show how incremental additions work - you might not think it's a big deal only pottering a mile or two a day, but over a year it's a huge difference - a big amount of miles cycles, a big amount of fossil fuels not burnt instead, a big amount of exercise had etc - just goes to show you don't have to be an athlete or setting out to be sporty to lead a non-sedentary life - just get out there and enjoy it and it all adds up. Bravo!

    Keep peddlin' people!