Thursday, October 8, 2009

38 Weeks

You are not a real, dedicated cyclist until you have ridden clipless at 38 weeks of pregnancy! What's that crap about the weaker sex? : )


  1. This means that no matter how many blizzards I bike to work throught, I'll never be a dedicated cyclist. I will take solace in being fairly dedicated though.

  2. Ben- this is somewhat tongue in cheek. Blizzard riding is pretty intense (I will not be participating in it). Riding pregnant? That is something else entirely. Pregnant women are subjected to a level of scrutiny most people have never experienced. Every little thing they do is viewed as harmful to their baby. If that baby isn't perfect at birth, it must be something the mother did. For a woman to get on a bike and ride, especially like this, she has to have a thick skin and be able to hold her own against a lot of criticism and negative public opinion.

    I assure you, when the blizzard pictures start coming in to the group, we will post those, too : )

  3. !!!!!!
    cool. I bow down to her awesomeness~

  4. Excellent indeed.

    I know of at least one nearly full term mom who biked in a snowstorm. This was a few years ago and she's in the UK.