Friday, October 23, 2009

The Fun Factor

This is not directly bike related, but it is most certainly relevant (forget this is from VW. Pretend it is from Bianchi or something).

Some are uncomfortable with the silly side of cycling. They think it trivializes riders as over grown children. I am OK with being an overgrown child, because children know how to make things fun.

mobile bicycle house
photo by pagedesign

If you can live in it, should we laugh it off?

photo by craparu
Why not make a ride sparkle? Is it any less a human powered machine because it has a disco ball? I think not!

Sebastiano Marziano
photo by pedale. barrique

And when was the last time a smile and a wave from a man in pink spandex did not make you feel happy?

The fun factor- how do you find it on your bike?


  1. Yes we are overgrown children!! It is so what we love
    about the whole deal. The every day JOY of life is big.
    It's why I follow your posts.
    Jon C.

  2. bikes + SF = always a party.

    that video is rad, now people imagine the bikes being a catastrophic and beautiful smooth ballet on pavement. GO!!! ;D

  3. @Jon- we aim to please!

    @Meli- but can we play chopsticks on our bikes?

  4. @Adrienne

    Personally I stick to two wheels, penny whistle and uke, but if they put those stairs anywhere near me I'd not only use them, I'd probably use them until I could play The Athol Highlanders on them; which COULD get annoying.

  5. My kids wanted to know where they were so we could go there and play : )