Tuesday, March 15, 2011


change your life, ride a trike.

someone close to the blog sent us this article from the latimes about what is quickly becoming my favorite city to hear about bikey things lately: long beach.

the story is about 103 year-old,octavio orduño, who sounds like a likable, if stubborn, elderly man with a daily habit he just can't leave behind...riding his tricycle. he only got it a few years ago when he couldn't balance as well anymore on the 2-wheeled variety we tend to talk about here on the blog.

he's all smiles in the picture with his coke-bottled glasses weighing rather heavily on his nose. check it out here.

yay octavio! you have some fans up here in norcal homie. keep riding, ey?

(oh, also, you'll notice that the long beach bikey coordinator type person is from texas. kthxxxxbai.)


  1. That's cool! I love his sporty red trike, it makes me want one too!

  2. i love it too! makes me happy to know that riding doesn't have to stop, and that it's all (hopefully) mind over matter.

    makes me wonder if the grandpa tejano might ride on one. i should ask him.

  3. It's very cool... BUT...
    I want to know about his wife. He's 103, so is it his first and only wife? Is she about the same age? Have they been married 75 years?

    It's one thing to write about a 103 year old cyclist, but one who's married?

  4. it seems to me that she is his 2nd wife. still married for quite some time tho :)

  5. http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/green-living/simon-usborne-a-cyclist-for-longer-than-he-can-remember-orduno-lost-his-driving-licence-when-he-turned-100-2250841.html