Monday, March 28, 2011

Advice Needed

This is my lovely friend, Raphael.

It's All In The Delivery

Raphael is one of my adventurous friends. He is an artist, a teacher, a chef, a comedian and just a really nice friend to have on a rainy night in North Beach. Recently, Raphael packed up and moved to Berlin where he currently resides. Without a bicycle.

Raphael is looking for advice on where to buy a bicycle in Berlin. He is not a German speaker (yet) and because of the cross world move not exactly dripping in money. Raphael would like to buy a used bicycle, but is afraid of ending up with stolen property.

So, who out there in the blogosphere has some ideas to help this fantastic friend of mine out? Where are the good used bicycles in Berlin? What should a 20 year old Gazelle (or something like it) cost? Are you in Berlin and have a bicycle for sale? Raphael will be checking in to see what you all have to say so let's get the advice going!!


  1. I'm so jealous of Raphael being in Berling!

    I have some German speaking (and Berlin based) readers on my blog since I blogged about having lived in Germany in the past. I don't know of how to get a good used bike in Berlin, but they might. I can repost your question on my site this week.


  2. A lot of Berlin bike riders are reading and writing comments on this blog of a local bike dealer:
    Most of them probably understand English.


  3. Perhaps not bike related but it could be loosely considered as part of a german multi-mode solution...

  4. Here's one I know:

    Bike Piraten
    Schönhauser Allee 41
    10435 Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg

    They sell used bikes. Good luck!

  5. Check out the Berlin Scholars email list/yahoo group. People post about selling bikes all the time (or one can have a discussion on list about bike shops.)

  6. Thanks for the advice so far! Keep it coming!

  7. for dutch bikes, also used ones, try zweitrad,, in Prenzlauer Berg.

    Radspannerei, mentioned above, in Kreuzberg, is also great.

    Two good 'normal' bike shops are Velophil and Zentralrad.

    Bella Ciao was founded in Berlin, they are doing a 'collabo' :-) with LovelyBicycle and Harris Cyclery.

    perhaps your friend Raphael got to one of the two (!) cycling trade fairs we had in Berlin in (almost) as many weeks.

  8. He might also try and post a question in the Berlin section. The forum is for English speakers living in Germany, and has been a great help for me in adjusting to German life!

  9. hi!! if he still need a bike, please send me an email, because i have one that i used in my trip and i need to sell it before to come back.

    it's very new, only two months, it have 24 gears, aluminium frame, and i sell it for 150 euros. if you need photos or more details, please write to me.

    thank you.