Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i've got a case of the baskets

i love my basket. most people i know who have them do as well. here's some i've seen over town the past couple of months.

LEFT reflective basket
milk crates TOTES count as baskets. this one was on her way to work.

basket weave
friday night lights

theetah basket
owner of this basket really likes the theater enough to leave bike outside while watching an awesome play unfold inside. (it seriously was one of the best plays i've seen, if it comes your way, please go and catch a performance.)

two baskets, polar opposites
these baskets work 9 to 5. tryin' hard to make a livin'

parking buddy
these two little things somehow found each other

and finally, sometimes basket owners are drawn to each other and produce smiles while sharing the bike cozy love
basket notes

aww. how happy has your basket made you today?


  1. I have a Crate on the Dutch Bike's front Carrier it is very handy between it and the two Panniers on the Rear Carrier I can haul a huge amount of Stuff. It is my City Bike and Grocery Bike and am extremely happy with it.

    It does not go terribly fast and weights a Tonne but is very comfortable.

  2. Love these! I'm a huge fan of and advocate for baskets. :) My basket made me happy today by carrying my bag of thrift store finds. Good basket.

  3. Love baskets. I found a really sweet one in Sausalito made by the Nantucket Basket Company but unfortunately it would fit on the Dahon properly. Too bad. It was small like the Dahon and would have been perfect for two large cinnamon rolls.

  4. Baskets and bungee straps.Love em!

  5. i'm quite a fan of my cargo net bungee set up. i always get a little nervous leaving it on my basket as i'm at work or something, but i figure whoever takes it needs it more than i do.

    no one has taken it yet, thus i must need it more than everyone else! :)