Sunday, March 13, 2011

What I Saw This Weekend

It never ceases to amaze me what I see when I am out riding. Keeping track of all the things that happen in San Francisco every weekend is beyond me. Being clueless about the City's social calender has its benefits, though. We are constantly bumping into all sorts of fun things. This weekend it was the St. Patrick's Day Parade, a huge San Francisco tradition that has managed to not become a huge commercial disaster.


Market St. was closed to car traffic but bicycles were free to come in and out. The St. Patrick's Parade is very open and there are no barriers between the parade and the crowd so you can get right up close to it.

Pass Through

I would never have gone and watched the whole parade. They usually go on for too long, but falling into it for a few minutes on the way to the Farmer's Market was a lovely treat!


While there may have been enough noise and colour and happy children to wake the dead,

Look At Me

Declan could not be bothered to wake up for any of it!

Sleeping Through A Parade

No green beer or corned beef this day, but a quick dip into the fun side of San Francisco's long standing Irish community. We would never have had this opportunity in our car, we would never have got within a country mile of it!

See your city, ride a bike!


  1. I would like to have been there. I would have been kilted of course. Here? Not likely.

  2. Had you been here and kilted you could have marched with the rest of them and fitted in perfectly!