Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's All Covered

In other parts of the world that aren't San Francisco (what? There are other places?) it is not unusual to come out to find someone has left you a little present. Seat covers as leaflets area common objects.

People for Bicycles, Malmö
photo by Lüca Pradella

This is a phenomenon that is beginning to be seen here in San Francisco.

Family Covered

After seeing a few of these in the Mission the other morning, I was surprised to see them all over the waterfront. Any bicycle that was stationary when the crew came through was given the treatment.


The red, nylon covers were produced and distributed by Timbuk2, a San Francisco based messenger bag company (they make lots of things, but the they started with, and are best known for their messenger bags). The bearer of the seat cover was entitled to a 20% discount on the purchase of a new bag.

No One Was Safe

It was funny to see so many bikes with red seats. Advertising that provides a service is pretty cool. So many people I meet wish they had seat covers, and now, many of them do!


  1. So long as the colors stay on the cover and don't transfer onto clothes, I could use one of those.

  2. Man - I hope my bike gets this little "present" in NYC soon. There's so much advertising going on, I can't believe this is the first time I'm seeing this. Sometimes my bike even gets flier'ed.

  3. That's a great marketing campaign! Advertising I can actually use that would draw me to their website. I'm so tired of using a Target bag (although they are pretty durable). I really like Timbuk2 bags; in fact I'm getting ready to do a review of the Shift Pannier Messenger bag. It's pretty sweet.

  4. E- these were actually a quality item. there would have been no problem with them.

    Julie- It would be kinda nice to find something like this on your bicycle, wouldn't it?

    SRAB- I have a regular TB2 messenger bag that I won in a raffle. I hardly ever use it because I hate having anything on me when I am riding. It is made really, really well and I would recommend it to anyone, it just isn't me. Unless there is heavy rain ,and then it comes out.