Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who's That Lady?

Who is this lovely woman?

Soraya Sighting

That's Soraya. Soraya is the owner of My Dutch Bike (great shop, kick ass woman). MDB is the place to go if you wish to ride in the traditional European style (of course it used to just be the way everyone rode until something strange happened to us in the 1980's).

These two are her lovely husband and son.

Up Front Kid

Looking this happy and comfortable on their bikes, you just know they know something. They know how to be happy on their bicycles. Makes you wanna buy a dutch bike, doesn't it : )


  1. woo hoo! love Soraya & My Dutch Bike!

  2. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  3. OMG to sweet! Adrienne I didnt see you at first and then there you were like a a ray of sunshine : ) Its so true what happened with bicycles. I hear it all the time at the store with the grandmothers who remember in the 40s riding their upright bicycles with their little ones up in front. Nice Black and White

  4. I just called from Flagstaff last week and had a wonderful conversation w/ Soraya about the Oma that I plan to order from My Dutch Bike later this summer. She was so helpful and gave me a lot to think about. Nice to place a face w/ a name.

  5. Soraya- We'll go with the "ray of sunshine" description. Much better than "who is this nut with the camera?" It is so great to see people come back to where cycling started!

    SRAB- which one are you looking at? I have already decided that a Workcycle will be the replacement for the Bat should anything happen to him. I would, of course, get it from Soraya.

  6. The Oma, 49 inch, 8 speed, since I have to cover hills and high elevation. Bob and I visited the store specifically so I could pray before it. Totally pushed me over the edge. Hope to order it early this summer.