Thursday, July 15, 2010

We Return To The Scene Of The DFL

Last year at this time, as some of you may remember, Meli and I decided to try our hands at long distance riding. We took our first ride over 40 miles from San Francisco to Point Reyes and back with the SF Randonneurs.

Back Where We Started From

It was a great time, and this weekend, we do it again! This time, we have the Calitexican to keep us company, along with several other friends and 120ish others! There were 35 people on last year's ride, many of them were experienced long distance riders. This year, there are a whole lotta new-to-distance riders that have signed up and I can't wait to see all their bright, shiny bicycle faces on Saturday morning!

Shadow Play

Who knows? Maybe this year we won't be dead freakin' last, just among the dead freakin' last.


  1. I hope the ride will be fantastic. I will once again miss it. Working Saturday's at the shop is putting a crimp in my lifestyle =;^)

  2. see you in 5 hours! argh i need to sleep

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