Wednesday, July 21, 2010

update on mayor villaraigosa

an update on los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa's bike accident from the mayor himself:

If there's one thing everyone now knows after my recent accident, it's that I like to bike in Los Angeles. The City's landscape, climate, and neighborhoods offer a cyclist's paradise. Biking in Los Angeles should be a natural.

Unfortunately most of our City was built with cars in mind. It's time to recognize that bicycles also belong on L.A.'s streets.

We're working on enforcement of traffic laws and improving the City's bicycle infrastructure. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has reached out to the cycling community and is actively working to make the streets safer.

Last month the Planning Department released its latest draft of the City's bicycle plan update. While it's still a draft, it includes a citywide network and neighborhood network, to provide safe and convenient routes for both serious and casual cyclists. ...

Thanks for all the good wishes since my accident. I will be back on my bike as soon as I'm able, and I hope to see more Angelenos out there with me.

it's nice to hear that the mayor is not going to let his accident be a platform for the bicycles are dangerous crew, but rather for one that brings out into the open his plans for bicycle infrastructure improvements throughout los angeles.

imagine los angeles as a bikey city. i LOVE it. let's make this into the new l.a. story.

article via here.


  1. Go, Mayor!! I wish ours had that much character.

  2. That is really great! Mayors have such a great impact on what citizens think about cycling and so-called cyclists. In the German-speaking area, I immediately remember the mayor of Munich and Salzburg, both cities with a high number of people on bikes, and good bicycle infrastructure.

    Cycling mayors rule!

  3. Its great to find your blog adn share your passion for biking. I love living in Sweden where I can bike everywhere safely adn comforatbly. Do you know much about old European style bikes? Maybe you can check mine out on my blog and let me know if you know anything about her? Happy riding!