Thursday, July 15, 2010


LGRAB Summer long

Here is our Change Your Life, Ride a Bike - post for riding on the greeway.
June 28-July 18: New Territory
* Ride a greenway
3 out of 4 from this blog (the 3 here in San Francisco) ride this path quite often. It has been the first step on (insert potentially long city-wide politics injunction here) moving forward with a friendlier pedestrian + cycling San Francisco.
green sign dude.

At any rate, here are our photos. We have all (synchronized, not kidding) immediately texted each other the second we came across this. And since then, riding on the green lanes, makes you wonder - how come the whole city is not painted like this.
In the meantime, here are some of our green pictures.

So you can imagine the thrill. Here are some pictures of this green milestone. Cheers!
"OMG guess wattt"

I recently talked to one of my favorite baristas around town. He was telling me about the time (long before the blogesphere) when he visited his boyfriend in the ealry 90s in Europe, they had such easy routes for people on bikes, he said he biked there all the time. What happened when he returned to the city?, I asked.He is a San Franciscan and told me that since then, he has not ridden a bike much. I have been keeping him posted on the Sunday Street dates and he has had tons of fun with them. I asked if he was scared of everyday traffic, he said he was hit by a car shortly after his European trip, and that since then he became a happy pedestrian. Anyways, thought I'd share that story.

'you taking a picture of me and the frenchie?!'
'you taking a picture of me and the frenchie?!'

smelly you
smelly you
bus. bikes. only.
bus. bikes. only.


  1. when i saw this on my way to work downtown that morning it was fresh, i rang my bike bell the entire green path and yelled thank you! again, thank you city of sf!

  2. it's true. i did send and receive a text re this green bit on a randomly life-changing saturday morning.

    now i ride it every day and it makes riding this street so much better, almost enjoyable even, on the way to work. and it's way better than on the way home (only because there's only one block that has the equivalent) going west.

  3. maybe we should come up with our own version of the rolling stones -paint it green- or something. kt can do the video editing... LOL

    city girl rides/ those workers got so much luv from all bikers that day :D

    harman - yup!! dingdingggg

  4. This is it, bikes have their own private line...!!

    congratulations SF!!

    keep riding and happy

  5. Cool! I want this type of Greenway in Chicago!