Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Posting Problems

There seems to be an issue with Blogger at the moment. No comments are making it to the blog. Just so you know, we are getting your comments via email, they just are not being published to the blog its self. I have alerted Blogger and hope to have the problem fixed shortly. In the mean time, keep commenting! Meli, Cali, Caryl and I will get your messages and I will make sure they all get addressed as needed.

To this point-

As far as broken chainguards are concerned- there are several links that have been sent to me, some of which I have tried in the past. The issue with my bicycle is that it has external derailleurs and a triple in the front, so most of what is on the market is not appropriate. Unlike the SKS guard, this has no hole in the top to accommodate the derailleur and is just made to fit around it all (there have been issues with the SKS guard grabbing pants because of the gap in the top).

I will try some of the links that have been sent so far (thanks Trish!) and I will take pictures of the back of the part (Andy in Germany, it would be great if you have the part!) and, alas, duct tape will not help my problem, for once (I thought of you, Oldfool, as soon as this happened). I will look at the Torker parts (thanks to those who have made this suggestion!) and there is an ebike dealer in SF that has bikes with similar looking guards who I will approach, as well (his all seem to be brown, though). I am still way open to any fabricators who think they have a good idea!

So. Keep commenting! We will get them until the problem is solved!

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  1. Try The Flying Pigeon shop in Highland Park in LA. They also carry Batavus bikes. The brothers are avid bicyclists and may be able to help you out.