Friday, July 9, 2010

Driver To Biker

All of us here at CYLRAB are the same in one respect- we LOVE opening our email to find stories from the people who read this blog! We started "Change Your Life. Ride A Bike!" with the express purpose of creating a forum for people to share their tales and spread the message that bicycles are simply the best way to get around.

This latest submission comes to us from Mexico thanks to Leonel Altamirano.

In Mexico City many years ago, there was a desperate driver, who every day journeyed in his car 10 miles, from his house to his work, taking him him up to 45 minutes, sometimes longer, sometimes less; over the years, it keeps taking longer; for example when there are manifestations in the streets, it can take up to two hours.

He found a solution to this problem with a folding bike, If he could have owned one, the problem of leaving the bike in the parking lot would be solved (also paying for the parking).

Since he has to go on the subway and then into his office, he could carry it with him. He looked in various places for one of these extraordinary methods of transportation. And he found a 28 pounds, one made of aluminum from Mexico, with Shimano gear shifts.

Now two or three days a week he travels on his bike from his home to the subway one kilometer in seven minutes. When he arrives to the entrance of the subway he folds the bike, and enters with it. Once inside the subway car, the folded bike is so compact that it fits under the seat.

When he arrives at the station where he gets off, he takes his bike out and he leaves the subway, then he unfolds the bike to ride the last and short stage of his trip to his office on the bike.where it leaves it under its writing-desk.

In this way he saves almost half of the time of the trip subway-bike in comparison with the car. “to be or not to be in the transit”, is the question.

Now, the desperate conductor is a gladder being and satisfied one, since he arrives earlier at its work and at its home, he coexists more with its family; and by the way he does a little more exercise, contaminating less.

Unfortunatelly, is forbiden to pass your bike in the subway from monday to saturday, but with the spread of this history, we can push authorities to make a change in favor the health.


Do you have a story to share? We want to get it out to the world! Every story touches someone and offers the opportunity to help another person change their life.


  1. I love this post, I love the voice of the writer and message of his story - simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing this! S.

  2. driver to biker. mil gracias por brindarnos tan puro y honesto punto de vista desde el df. que buena onda, ya mero uno de estos dias nos tocará darnos la vuelta en bici por las calles capitalinas :D