Thursday, July 1, 2010

Grow A Beard, Ride A Bike

Beards have been making a comeback for the last year or so. They seem to have a special place in the bicycling community.

First up is our friend Esteban. He writes a San Diego based blog, Vélo Flâneur, and recently wrote a piece for Flow in which CYLRAB was mentioned (I am very pleased to be in a paper with footnotes : ) Esteban rides with a beard (he rode the Butter Lap with us last week).

Esteban's Book Shot

Bike Esteban

Then there is our friend Deep, King Of The Trike (my title for him). Deep rides with a beard. And a sound system. On three wheels.

Share It With The World : )

I shot this picture of what I have come to think of as "the beard cousins" last year. They seem to have tried to co-ordinate their beards.

Brothers In Cycling

I took this picture last year, too. He was just starting the beard odyssey. Maybe it has filled in since then.

Coffee Rider

This whole post (one that will go down in the annals of bicycle advocacy history as the post that changed the world for the better) was inspired by the wonderful man with the fantastic smile I took a picture of last Saturday.

City Corner

Ride on all you bearded men!


  1. Nice, your post reminds me that I've had my old Raleigh ten speed about as long as I've had my beard, the bike is a '76, the beard a '77.

  2. i LOVE beards. i have no idea since no one in my family had them while i was growing up. i'm completely fascinated with them, and i suspect if i had the right amounts of testosterone and a few other body parts, i would def be rocking a beard.

    @george: impressive beard! wow...

  3. George, we need photographic evidence of both, please : )


  5. Heh. I don't know why there is such a connexion between facial hair and cycling. My husband's beard is sexy until it reaches that critical threshold when it becomes just too much. Then starts the week of negotiations where I beg him to trim it and he resists before finally giving in. And then it's sexy again.

  6. we have beards in the UK too :-)

  7. Random aside, Mountain Hardware has the best logo on earth (on Esteban).

  8. Ha! Thanks -I do enjoy wearing a beard. It used to be off and on according to seasons when I lived in New England, but I've kept it since my 4-y-o daughter was born. Now, Its hard to think of shaving it. Bikes, beer... beards.

    Bill - this is one of the last made in USA MH jackets. I wish they would have continued...

  9. I was going to make a comment about being ahead of the trend, sporting a beard while cycling since '99. But George has me beat.

    I bow to the pure awesomeness of George's beard.

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