Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reasons For Optimism (Or, Always Marry The Handyman)

As I reported the other day, the chainguard on my Batavus Soccorro was rendered utterly useless by a strong gust of wind and a poorly parked steel bicycle. Not only were the two remaining supports ripped out of the body of the guard, but the center of the guard was separated into two pieces and cracked in several spots. Yep. Complete destruction.


Several people gave me some links to possible replacements, but at this point, most of them are "maybe" at best. Seeing my extreme disappointment in the situation, and knowing how much research I did before choosing it, Hubby the Bikeman decided to try to at least get a little bit more use out of my broken, shattered chainguard while I seek out a new one.

He did it! We don't know how long it will last, but if it lasts just until I find a new one, then, fantastic!

JB Weld Is Amazing

The rear mount, that takes all of the weight of the guard was completely ripped out. The metal hardware was fine, but the plastic it mounted into was shattered. James was able to rebuild it with J-B Weld (this stuff is up there with aspirin and duct tape)! After sanding it down and shaping the edges, it is almost perfect. James thinks I should take a black sharpie to it, but I am so proud of the repair I want it to stand out.


The front mount suffered the same fate, to a lesser degree. There was not such a large area of damage as the plastic broke around the circumference of the bolt. J-B Weld to the rescue!

Some of the damage is beyond repair.

No Fixing That

The bottom mount was damaged when I first purchased the bike when it was knocked under a parked car by a drunk woman outside the ice cream shop. It still worked, but it was cracked. It was rendered completely useless by someone in a bike valet who insisted he knew how to park a bike on a center stand (not!). The cracks and separation in the main body of the guard may be "fixable" with some strips of duct tape on the inside surface of the guard, but one more blow and that will be the end of this part.

I can not tell you how happy I am my chainguard is back! It may seem silly to some, but my daily transportation relies on things like my fenders and guards. Carrying a kid and groceries while negotiating cars and hills and potholes means that having to think about how to keep myself clean while doing all of it could easily be the deal breaker.

Over the last two years, I have repeatedly thanked James for buying my Bat for me (our first big purchase after years of financial instability). Now, I will have to thank him repeatedly for fixing it so nicely!!!!


  1. be nice to James - he's a keeper...

  2. Amen to marrying the handyman! They might be a little rough around the edges at times but they build and fix things. You don't know how valuable that is until you go without it for awhile.

  3. That is great getting it back in Working Order,hopefully it will last a few Years without mishap.

    Now the next project for Handyman is to Chase down a Piece of discarded Aluminum that nobody wants and he can get it for nothing. Maybe get it off a Ventilation Fabricators Yard,surely they should have a Piece of Waste Aluminum preferably in a long Triangular Shape that he can Fashion into a Chain Guard.

  4. That's my kind of repair and yes let it be. It's worthy of showing off.

  5. agreed. its got bike stories to tell.