Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ride Across Town

Just some of the people I saw as I rode across town.


We all talk a lot about those on bicycles looking like those on foot. We seem to have plenty of that going on.

Story Time

Sometimes a book break is in order. A little sun in San Francisco and we want to be outside.

Shirtless Into The Wind!

Uphill. Headwind. Reduce your drag, take off your shirt.

Cargo Bicycles Are A State Of Mind

Grab your stuff and hit the road. Don't wait for the cargo bike of your dreams. Just go.


  1. Great pictures! You're right - take away the bikes and these people would still look totally normal.

  2. Lovely photo of the reader with the red bike. Absolutely wonderful light!

  3. I have been wanting to say this for quite awhile: Adrienne Johnson, I just love to read your postings. Thank you.

  4. Dottie- That could make things quite interesting around here : )

    aub...-He looked so content there. I couldn't resist

    Lem- I am happy that you enjoy them!