Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vintage View Of Vintage Activities

A little view from my old Pentax. It is more difficult to shoot people riding with it because it is a 100% manual camera of the 1970's variety.

Couple's Stroll

These two were really cute. They had matching folding bicycles and her helmet, sweater and shoes were all pink.

Moment Taken

He just looked so peaceful sitting there. A lovely view at twilight.


The never ending flow of traffic along the Embarcadero.

Film Version

Because I have been having to focus manually, I have been spending more time looking for the less mobile moments in bicycle life I encounter on my travels. I find those to be equally beautiful subjects.

So here is my question to you all out there, how do all of the images of people in the world that you can find on all of these blogs effect you? Do they make you want to ride more, or work for better riding conditions where you are? Do they make you want to travel with your bicycle? I know they make my trigger finger itchy!


  1. I do know that since I've started riding again, I SEE more bicycles on TV - or maybe, I guess, I notice them more.

  2. I guess by 'vintage' you mean the crude four wheeled things in the background of the third picture?

    I generally would prefer to be on my bike, but I like the pictures...

  3. I read a lot of bike blogs before work. The photos on them definitely affect me.

    I'm a dog walker. I'm outside riding and walking most of the day. When it's actively raining, I usually just drive. (Hate it.) If the weather is cruddy in Chicago, I can vicariously enjoy biking by looking at all the happy people on bikes elsewhere. Sometimes, images of people on bikes motivate me to suck it up and ride through it. Oftentimes, photos I see on other people's blogs just make me want to move to a more hospitable climate, (but then I'd miss the snow and winter riding which is really fun.)