Thursday, December 29, 2011

Phase 3... Sooo Excited!!

Welcome back! I hope you all had a good Chriskwanzica! I for one have been busy!

First off, we have sold three of our World Bicycle Relief fundraiser pictures! Thank you so much to our generous donors (we will have those off mid-January) and if you are still waiting for your scarves, fear not! They are finished and will be in the mail on Saturday.

Second, I would like to introduce Phase 3 of our fund raising challenge. From the very beginning of this blog, Meli, Melyssa, Caryl and I have been happy to keep this an ad-free zone. The few times we have considered the possibility of it, it has never felt right. Well, things are about to change. After testing the waters with a few local business people we know, we have started a program where local, small bicycle related/friendly businesses have been approached with this idea-

A $150 dollar donation made directly to World Bicycle Relief gets them 3 months of advertising on the blog! We already have 2 takers! This has put us in the over $1000 zone!!!!

Zero Per Gallon is a small company owned by our friend Kit. He makes all kinds of fun shirts and stickers. The sticker on my Bobike seat is one of his. It is a small business run by a man who truly loves bicycles and the people who ride them.

The Gory Truth

My Dutch Bike is a growing family-owned shop that specializes in sales and repair of Dutch bicycles of the upright, practical, cargo/kid carrying, dignified style. MDB proprietress, Soraya is a wonderful woman with a passion for getting anyone on a bicycle.

Soraya Sighting

That's Soraya on one of her Workcycles. As lovely as she is on the outside, she is more so on the inside and her business is a reflection of that!

So, in the next few days look for a side bar with company logos that will link to various businesses here in the SF Bay Area, but hopefully also from other spots around the country! All of us here at the blog would love to just shout THANK YOU!!!!! to Kit and Soraya for helping us jumpstart this project! If this goes well, just imagine all the good that could come from it!

Also, let us know what you think!


  1. "Chriskwanzica"

    I celebrate Sule, you culturally insensitive clod.

    "Zero Per Gallon"

    He sells stationary bikes . . . with stationary cranks?

  2. It seems that the "insensitive clod" title is already taken by kfg.

    That said, I really like the notion of targeted advertising - this is a biking blog, why not, then, restrict permitted advertisers to fields related to biking? Makes absolute sense to me.

    I wish we had a "My Dutch Bike" in or around Chicago.

  3. KFG- the annual Festivus Airing of the Grievences has passed. You will have to wait until next year : )

    LeecL- we are most excited that all of the money for the ads goes straight to the charity! Advertising a good cause for a good cause!