Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Drop 'Em

Not everyone needs a bike rack.

Leave 'Em Where They Lie

I prefer a kick stand. I think it provides my bikes with more dignity, but I am open to other ways.


  1. Though in a grassy field like this, kickstands are kind of tricky to use.

  2. I prefer a kickstand too. I have them on ALL of my bikes. I've never really understood the inverse relationship between the cost of the bike and the likelihood of using a kickstand.

  3. being someone who parks bikes for events, i reallllllllly appreciate a good kickstand on a bike. i really don't know why more people don't have them. they might not be the cutest thing ever, but they sure are practical.

  4. an aside... i really like this pic ade!

  5. CTX-Thank you, ma'am!

    Fritz- I have a Pletcher (?) double stand on my road bike. When the guy at Box Dog put it on, he asked me if I wanted it cut short or long. I asked what the benefit of each would be and he said "if you keep it longer you can shove it down into the dirt or grass and it won't fall over in the wind or when loaded" . Brilliant! I always look for grass when I park it now!