Tuesday, November 29, 2011

nyc bicycle balancing act

whoa. i opened up my inbox today to see this glorious photograph taken by stanley kubrick, better known as the director of the shining, a clockwork orange, and full metal jacket, among others.

and you thought you had balance when you ride your bike with no hands. whoaaaaaaa.

also...what composition! amazing.

happy tuesday everyone! SF is expected to get gusts of wind up to 50-70mph (if a certain local news outlet is to be believed). not sure if that means i'll be muni-ing it or braving it out there. get ready for it y'all...

foto via here.


  1. That is a rad photo!

    But the hanging acrobats have moved the rider's center of gravity below the wire. I think there is an exhibit in Seattle where you can try this out yourself!

  2. Not to take anything away from the original post, but it was your first two comments that made me laugh. I was looking at the bike and didn't even notice his tie sticking out.