Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Scarves For Bicycles

So, with much trouble and frustration with my camera (!!!!!!!) I was able to get a couple of shots that are in focus! The WBR Giveaway can begin!



These scarves are large triangular ones that button at the throat. Instead of wrapping around a million times, coming undone, getting caught on the handle bars, these wrap around once and fasten shut. They taper down the front and fully cover your chest (or back if you wear it backwards).


They can be tucked into a jacket with minimal bulk, they keep out he wind and I find they let me shed a layer easily and still stay warm. If worn with arm warmers they make a great way to layer on and off in the crazy micro-climates of places like San Francisco. They come in gray, dark blue, dark red or cream. They are made of a wool/acrylic blend that can be machine washed and dried, they are completely hand made (most likely by me, but it is possible yours could be knit by one of my bikey friends).

All it takes is a $15 donation to World Bicycle Relief! If you make a donation to WBR in the name of "Change Your Life. Ride A Bike!" (and have them email us a confirmation to the blog address I will mail you a hand made scarf. Should you chose to donate to WBR and not take a scarf, I will donate that scarf to a local program to help clothe the homeless!

If 10 readers donate $15 each that will be enough money to build one bicycle and train one bicycle mechanic somewhere in the world where that kind of thing can completely change a person's life. So come on people! Let's change someone's life with a bicycle!!! That's what this is all about, after all!


  1. let me know time and place to get yarn from you. :)

  2. Done! What a great idea!

  3. Adrienne, sorry if this double comments... Chrome went weird on me a moment ago. Any chance you're still running this offer? I stumbled upon your this post today (PS I'm following your blog now) as I was searching for a biking scarf for my winter-ish commuting in KS. I'd totally be down for this (maybe for more than one).