Monday, December 12, 2011

bike hacks for the rain

SF is not quite the pacific northwest when it comes to rain, but we do get our fair share. the SF rainy season is on the tiptopverge of starting, and as such, has apparently kept some riders unprepared, or some who have long adjusted to the rain and have accommodated their bikes.

unprepared, yet creative!

Fender bike hack!

this homie knows what time it is in SF:

Umbrella bike hack!!

i love that umbrella placement!

as i've discussed before on the blog, this year my rainy season preparation has started with swapping out my steel rims for some aluminium ones. they are a noticeable improvement.

what do you do in order to prepare for the rain? what do you do if you are caught unprepared?


  1. The trifecta of preparedness:


    I live in Portland and we've had the dryest fall ever. EVER. Maybe because I'm so darned prepared.

  2. it seems to be a fairly dry (and cold!) season so far, doesn't it?

  3. freakishly dry, but i feel is actually a little warmer than usual, save for the past two days.

    @BK: i just got new rainboots for this season...i hope they last longer into the season than my last pair! i felt very prepared for cyclecross watching a few weeks ago with all my new rain gear :)

  4. There's always plastic garbage bags :)

    Seriously I'd rather ride in snow than rain, but I have a pretty waterproof trench coat that normally does the job. Boots and tights stay/ get dry faster than pants.
    Check the radar and sometimes you can sneak ahead of, or wait out the rain.

  5. @cycler: yes! tights dry very fast. please see here where we both were wearing tights and it rained SO MUCH that night...: