Thursday, December 22, 2011

happy holidays!

we here at the blog want to wish all of you a happy holiday this 2011/2012 season. there's a lot to be thankful for, especially all of you who have helped with our world bicycle relief donations. i can't wait to find out the results of how much we've donated. many thanks to ade for the great idea!

we hope you have a great time with family as 2011 comes to a close. maybe some newer family members of yours will receive presents like these so they can change their life by riding a trike.

Petaluma Presents

i normally have more lights on joanie's basket, but wasn't feeling completely into the spirit of things this year. so i kept it to merely two strands. heh.

i tried to keep the foto old school when i realized recently that this bike is older than me.

happy holidaze

much love from all of us here at CYLRAB!!