Monday, August 31, 2009

Grease, lipstick and bikes

We do ride in pretty dresses, you can count on us to have sunblock around, and one of the things you can assure that we will not mind, is getting our hands dirty. Saw these two images within the same hour, and I can highly relate to it, I know we all can.

I don't have the skills (or maybe patience) to take any pictures when my hands have been greasy. My bicycle -The frenchie- has taken sometime to be at the place she is now, and it took me a long patience pushing-period at first to get her rolling smoothly (stripped rear quick release anyone?! disaster)

We, as self-propelled people are also self-sufficient in many aspects. Okay, bike mechanics are needed sometimes - right.... The sense of getting things done, whatever getting your hands in the dirt means to you, fixing things will always be empowering. /♥xo.meligrosa

Mechanic's hands by busbozo

via supplementalstudios


  1. Lovely pictures. I actually enjoy getting dirty from time to time. Tells me that I'm not completely helpless and can maintain my lifestyle ;-).

  2. agreed!! that's why i love the bike kitchen. they have the space and tools for SF to fix bikey things. i felt really empowered after fixing my brakes on WTF (women/trans) night and then pounding out my bent basket to be just sorta bent one random saturday. :)

    these pics rock my socks.

  3. Amen to the poster in that second picture!

  4. I still have grease under my nails! I can't say it looks terribly hygienic : )

    The poster is correct. Unless we all learn how to do for ourselves, with tools and hands and brains, then we will have no future as a people.

  5. And bicycles are the ideal machine on which to learn simple repair. They're really not that complicated.