Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What Are People Saying?

There are some interesting questions going on out there in the blogosphere right now-

EcoVelo is discussing helmets. Not my favorite topic, and most likely, one I will not enter into on this blog. Especially as I think it is an exercise in circular reasoning, on both sides. However, if this is a topic that peaks your interest here it is.

Thom, of Old Bike Blog and The World Awheel, addresses the question of what it means to "be a vehicle" and is looking for thoughtful conversation on the topic.

A blog that never fails to stir up some discussion, Copenhagenize, keeps the pot going with an historical comparison of the divisions that cyclists seem to love to participate in. Looks like they are the same ones we have had since bicycles first crossed the continents. Seems that even in cycling, all that is old is new again.

Cycleicious brings up legal red light running in MO, bobby trapped trails in Marin (!!!!), and politicians hitting cyclists!!

Go read and discuss! Then go ride your bike!

1 comment:

  1. oh man, helmets are already a touchy topic here in sf - apparently it's not cool to wear one?

    ever since i got doored on chestnut a few weeks ago, without wearing a helmet, i'm so lucky to be in the shape that i'm in right now. sporting an awful black eye, the subsequent mri's, doctor's visits, not sleeping, headaches, restlessness and exhaustion I face mid-day is nothing compared to what could've happen.

    as long as i ride in sf and drivers drive the way that they do, i'm always wearing a helmet.