Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time To Pull Out The Sawbucks!

Hopefully, you remember our friend Philip. He is the bicycle man behind "Travels With My Mule". Philip is a charity machine and uses his riding to raise money for various charities (what better reason to get out and ride?)

This month, Philip will travel from England to Texas to participate in the "Hotter Than Hell" ride and is using the opportunity to raise money for the "Daisy Appeal". Daisy Appeal is a an organization that raises money to create medical research and treatment facilities in Yorkshire, England. They specialize in cancer research and treatment and serve a community that is not, otherwise, adequately served.

We throw money away on all kinds of things, everyday. Do any of us need another headlight? Was the $300 front rack really $150 better than the basic one? Why not throw a few bucks at "The Daisy Appeal"? Philip is traveling across the world to ride in Texas in the middle of summer (barmy chap, isn't he?), so giving $5 isn't that hard. Head over to his blog to find out how!