Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Powered by parents

12 wheels, cool kid & one super groovy mom

I took these pictures on the way back from spending last Sunday at Stern Grove. Good times. It was nice to ride through the park when it was still closed off to motorized vehicles (around 5pm). Hanging out with parents and kids on bikes this year, has opened a new vision to a city and its relationships between bikes, other bikers and overall traffic that otherwise I would have never been able to be aware of, not even in a decade of riding sans kids. So this is for all parents out there. Ride on! /♥xo.meligrosa


  1. love the rollerblading mama. mmm I miss rollerblading

  2. You gotta love the parents on the road! They get so much crap from people for doing something completely normal, and they just keep on doing it! Love it!