Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bikes, some sun y lunch with Dee

Dee and I connected at work by being chatterboxes. While chatting, she told me how taking her bike to work has changed the way she feels mid-work, enhances her mood and introducces her to new places and biking friends. We had some ground in common and now we go to lunch together whenever we get a chance. Our bikes both have baskets and we have tons of fun, even if the trip to lunch seems so short.

Food makes the belly happy. Biking to lunch with friends, makes me happy.

Lunch official cycling shoes.

Full parking. Basket invasion

Lunch panda
Lunch panda.

hola cutie!!


  1. I love riding to get lunch at work! A chance to blow out the cobwebs!

  2. Impressive footwear - I'd be the one who got that 3 inch heel stuck in the nearest grate though!

  3. I once slipped in a restaurant b/c a tiny water spot, now that was embarassing (and painful!) ;DDD