Thursday, August 6, 2009

Polo, Anyone?

Last weekend, James and I dropped the kids off with my Mom for two weeks. We do this every year, and for the time they are away, James and I do all kinds of things we never have time for. So after waking up late on Sunday morning, James and I headed out to Golden Gate Park to meet up with Meli for a long, meandering ride through SF. No goal, no plan, just ride with the flow.

First, we saw the Bixi bike share demo in the park. It was great to see the set up as it is in Montreal, and we, of course, gave the bikes a little spin. I like to be positive about things, but this was a demo to see if there was enough interest to have a study to see if SF is ready for a test run of the program. Come on! Just do it. It will get used! Streetsblog has a write up here.

Back to the story! After riding Bixi bikes, and taking a picture of Gary Fisher checking them out, as well, we took off for a beer.

We decided to wander through the park for a bit, and I got to show Meli one of my favorite places in Golden Gate Park- The Casting Pools.

The best part of the day, by far, was stumbling upon the San Francisco Bike Polo group. As we rode across the field to watch them, the goalie yelled over "Grab a mallet and give it a try!". What a great bunch of super friendly people! They wanted to share their equipment, their knowledge, their food... the fun they were having was open to all. I love bike people!

Now, this was not professional level athletics, but saying that, I think compared to Meli and myself, they were Olympic! We should probably stick to Bike Croquet : )

James, of course, being the bike man, got it on the first try.

We ended the day by picking up a another friend and heading to eat some delicious Ethiopian food.

When was the last time you just jumped on your bike and wandered around with you friends? Is there a better way to spend a day?


  1. I have to organise a grass polo bike session. Looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon.
    Bikes, Beers and Balls.

  2. Do it! The little bit I puttered with made me wish I had the hand strength to do more! It was a hell of a work out : )

  3. ♥!! biking with good peeps is the best ;)