Friday, August 21, 2009

Travel & Friendship- The Thom Chronicles

Way back in May we introduced you to Thom Bahde of "Old Bike Blog" (I can't believe this blog has only been up for four months!) . OBB is at the top of my list of favorite bike blogs. It isn't political or polemical, it is simply, in my opinion, a blog about a wonderful way to discover just what we are each capable of if we roll up our sleeves and give it a try. Through reading OBB, I decided to rebuild an early 60's model Columbia Roadster for my daughter which, other than being a total blast, was a great way to get into the garage with my compulsive bike building husband!

Blue the Columbia Roadster

Over the last several months, Thom and I have participated in a few online discussions together and have discovered some compatible views that have made for some excellent idea exchanges. When James and I decided to head south for our much overdue childless vacation, we decided to head to San Diego. Having the opportunity to possibly meet up with Thom played a large part in the decision!

Thom & His Huffy

After phone directions that culminated in "turn left when you see the construction" which I interpreted as "left at the hard hats and plumber's crack", we arrived at Thom's home. After a quick glass of water, we decided to jump on the beasts and take a ride. It was especially cool to hit the road as the combined age of our three bikes was 110!!

Thom Leads The Way

Thom had a route for us that would show us some parts of San Diego we would never see otherwise. I could never replicate the ride we took as there is a lot of going around hills in North Park- I thought I had it rough in SF, but this was a challenge! Thom wanted to show us some interesting bridges near his home, and I love bridges, so I was chuffed to get there.


I have a real hate/hate relationship with stairs. As they are unavoidable in life, I try not to give them much thought. When cycling, I usually avoid them. This was not to be on this ride, so instead of moaning about it, I was simply greatfull that I had brought the new mixte and not my 60 lb Dutch monster!

Over Hill, Over Dale

After the stairs at the first bridge, we designated ourselves as authorized vehicles and barreled down a huge hill to come up a huge hill...

Indiana Jones Bridge! No Arrows, Though.

to end up on this amazing trestle bridge! (More stairs, first : )

Balboa Park BikebyPanda

We took a quick tour through Balboa Park, where culture ran rampant.

Bolliwood Nutcracker Suite

We headed to the velodrome, me with hopes of a slow bike race, where we found a group of kids learning how to track race (more on that in a later post).

That's Dave Grylls in there. Google him!

We ended our day with Chicago style pizza,

Super high on the "awesome scale"

and decided to meet for coffee the next day where much wonderful conversation was to be had.

James and I had such a wonderful time meeting Thom! If we were not convinced that bicycles have the power to unite before this, we are certainly convinced now!


  1. Aw jeez, something in my eye... *sniff*

    You guys rock, I had a blast!

  2. Great pictures! Looks like a fun blogger meetup. :)

  3. hiyee thom! pretty rad bike you have! :)

    lovely pictures A! :)