Friday, May 8, 2009

Market Day

This shot grabbed me the moment I saw it. I love all the elements in it- the market, the sociable business all around, the child running in the foreground... and of course the gentleman on the bike.

photo from Along The Trail

Somehow, the jacket takes him from hippie to eco Urban in one quick step. At first glance I thought the shot came from San Francisco (doesn't everything? come on!). Nope. Missoula, Montana! Go Missoula! Any community that can support dreads and bikes is OK with me!


  1. The lady in the brown coat is carrying a yellow bag that appears to be the type to mount on a bike as a pannier. If so, I think that adds to the cool points for Missoula.

    Enjoying the new blog, thanks!

  2. Thank you! I hadn't caught that detail, but you are correct! Extra Missoula points!!