Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eric & Lucas

I would like you to meet Eric and Lucas. I had the pleasure of meeting these two on my way to pick up my youngest son, Declan, from preschool. One of the great things about riding around town, is that I get to stop and see things or meet people I would never even notice or be able to stop for in my car. This usually happens when I take a new route, which is what I decided to do today (this direction added several miles to my trip, but I had the time so what the heck).

Eric stopped here for the same reason I did- there was a fantastic drummer set up at the side of the road, playing his heart out for the love of it. With Lucas on the front, it was an opportunity to share the spontaneous music and enjoy the energy of Golden Gate Park.

It was a really nice moment in my day- listening to someone having fun (drummer) and talking to this great Dad who was taking what could be a terrible situation (unemployment) and turning it into a chance to bond with his son and tour the city together. We agreed that getting out on the bike is a good way to spend time with the kids.

As for the drummer; he was just too cute for words. I love street drummers!! Maybe I will take a few more rides around town and see if I can find some more : ) I bet I could find a couple of them at the Powell street cable car turn around!

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