Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Colorful Changes

Has your view of your city changed because of your bike? Have you discovered new murals or buildings that otherwise you wouldn't see? Here in San Francisco our city is tremendously colorful. You never know what you'll find in any given alley.
Take your bike for a spin. Encounter colors, murals and temporary pieces on the walls smells, people, coffee, and some sunshine or fog. The smells in this specific alley, Linden, are a beautiful weird combination of strong coffee, incense and paint from the auto-shop next to it.


  1. I feel like riding a bike has totally changed how I see Portland. Not only do I see, hear, smell and feel more details of the city, but my spatial awareness of the city has changed - things seem more accessible, closer, and I feel more connected to them.

    Riding home from work the other day, I went past what smelled like a jasmine bush. I didn't see it, but the scent was almost tangible in the middle of the street.

    Think of how many of those moments you miss in a car.

    Not to mention, being on a bike allows you to easily just stop and enjoy a particular moment, like this one:

  2. I was telling someone awhile ago that I missed the smell of honeysuckle. Recently, there has been a lot of it around and I was thinking that maybe it had become fashionable to plant it.

    Duh! I'm not in a car. I can smell things now! : )