Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Greetings, salutations and hola. I am here in body and spirit, my peeps. I could not be more excited about this new blog of ours and it will be AWESOME. &Thanks for visiting. So ♥hello-hello!!
Okay so, for this week theme ‹Something that we will hone down as we go, so stay with us› will be something about your mother. Share a story about you, or your mom and a bicycle. Maybe she gave you that last shove in when you first learned to bike? Recently joined you for a ride? or a wonderful hometown bicycle story from decades ago?
We'd like to hear it!!
A salute to all super moms on and off bicycles around the world. Below, is my favorite local cycling mom. As well as one a new friend, partner in bloggin crime and one of my personal examples on, how riding my bicycle has changed oh-so-many aspects of my life. Happy Mothers Day everybody!!

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  1. Hurrrrrraaaaayyy! Meli is here!

    Oooh, good one! I'll start! My Mom taught me how to ride. We lived on the bottom of a BIG hill (the bottom of Judah Street for you SF'rs) and instead of coaster brakes, my bike had a separate foot brake in front of the pedals. I was terrified of taking my feet off the pedals and I couldn't use the foot brake on the stupid hill, so I would crash into things instead! I still remember my Mom yelling "Not the car, use the wall!!, Not the car!"