Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bike To School Day

Trail-A-Bike. The New School Bus!

As the title suggests, today was Bike To School Day in San Francisco. Despite the fact that we live just two blocks from school, we left home early to meet others from the neighborhood at Sunnyside playground to ride together. I had wanted to lead a group to school, myself, but the one route not covered by others was way too steep for children who do not ride daily.

Training Wheel Arrivals

A number of the kids arrived on training wheels. It surprised me. Because I ride with Declan on the back of my bike when we are going on the streets, it never occurred to me that people would bring kids on training wheels. We had to split into two groups, those for the road, and those for the sidewalk. Most of the kids in the sidewalk group were Kindergarteners. Get 'em young!

The Smile Says It All !

We had a couple of very young boys who were ready for the road. Look at that face! This is what you get when you let kids experience independence and they can see what they are capable of. Imagine what that can lead to over a lifetime. Now, we just have to work on getting more girls out there!

The Golden Princess Is A Future Bike Commuter

Today Is A Good Day To Ride

Learning The Rules Of The Road

It is my fondest hope to see more children out on their bikes. The time has come to reclaim this world for our children. We need to stop trading their future for our convenience or some ill conceived idea of danger that has been fed to us by people who can profit off of it.

Ride on, kids!!


  1. I'm trying to institute Bike to School Day (at least) every Friday for my 3 and 5 year old. We'd done it the past two weeks - beginning on Bike to Work Day, but sadly didn't make the ride today.

  2. Juan- Great! Don't worry about when you do not go, celebrate when you do! I bet the kids love it.

  3. This is great. I very rarely see children on bikes, but occasionally I spot some here that are on their way to or from school (unfortunately only once or twice a year). Cycling should be safe for children, at least safe enough when accompanied by an adult.

  4. Anna- cycling should be safe enough for children, period. It isn't bicycle infrastructure if it isn't appropriate for children to ride on it.