Saturday, May 9, 2009

Meli Helps Make The Point

Our very own Meli is one of the subjects of the SF Chronicle's May 7th "Bike To Work Day" article. Of course, we here at the blog know full well you can bike to work in style (Meli is car free and I am car light, as they say) but it is always good to get a little extra word out.

photo by dustinj

Read the article and then come back here to chime in on how you get to work on your bike. Maybe talk about how to get you on a bike to ride to work for the first time! Send in some pictures of how you look on your ride to work! This is me.

Remember, Bike To Work Day is May 14th, but we all know, everyday is bike to work day! Bike on!


  1. I've never had a problem getting to work and being sweaty, and I have about a 5 mile commute each way; except a bit in the summer, but if it's over 80 degrees out, I sweat as soon as I walk out the door, whether I'm moving or not, so that has nothing to do with riding a bike.

    I just ride in whatever I'm wearing to work that day, sometimes with a poncho if it's dumping rain, or with an umbrella if it's just lightly raining.

    I got started riding my bike to work simply because I got a bike, so I thought, hey, why not? Now that's the only way I get to work. It gives me more time in the morning than taking a bus, I get exercise, I arrive more awake, and I enjoy the trip more.

    But, not only that, I make about 95% of all my trips anywhere by bike these days, not just to work. Grocery shopping, to the library, taking stuff to goodwill, etc.

    I think the biggest thing to stress, is that I am not an athletic person at all. I'm not in super great shape, and I'm not any more athletically gifted than anyone else. Using your bike for these things isn't difficult, it isn't dangerous, it isn't a super-human feat, only to be made by well-trained people.

  2. What was surprising to me was how much my co workers noticed the difference in me once I started doing all of my commute by bike. My mood was so much better and I always arrive at work with a smile and ready to go (17 bike miles round trip with a train ride in the middle). Not to mention, the train portion of the trip gave me my reading time back!!

  3. @Poetas-BTW- I love that shot!! Very handsome and professional!