Thursday, May 21, 2009

In The News, Again

photo by Adrienne

This has been a busy month for Meli and myself! The blog (which seems to be growing and showing great potential), new jobs, new friends, and for both of us, SF Chronicle articles! We covered Meli's Bike To Work Day fabulousness. Today, an article I was interviewed for came out in the 96 Hours section. It is an article on biking with kids (of course!) here is San Francisco. Read it here!


  1. I read the SF Article with great interest.What you are doing is providing vital education that only parents can give. Unfortunately some are not alwways brave enough or focused enough to deliver.

  2. Parents just need to see others out there. I also think that if there were places to go to get training in how this all works, that more people would try it.

    I have toyed with the idea of leading parent rides through SF to show people how it is done. Maybe in late summer before school starts back up.

  3. What a fantastic article! Totally positive, as it should be. You and your husband are such a fine example that I hope to emulate when I have a kid. :)