Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yeah, Baby! Run 'Em Over!

Maybe you have seen the Mayor of Vilnius (Lithuania) running over a car parked in the bike lane already. Maybe this is all over the internet. I don't care! I would vote for him if I could.

As I have stated before, San Francisco has more of an extended cell phone parking lot than it does an extensive bicycle network.

First Kids Encounter First Double Parker

So, Mr. Mayor, if you would like to run to be the next Mayor of San Francisco I will be your campaign manager for free!


  1. This is when you need some stickers to put on the back windows of cars in bike lanes, which quote the link to the video of the Mayor of Vilnius in the tank, and show a pic of the tank rolling over the car.

  2. The "cell phone lane" make me crazy, especially because you know the driver thinks he or she is doing a good thing by pulling over. Grrr.