Monday, August 29, 2011

Ride To Belize, Ninja Style

Excuse me. Can I have five minutes of your time? Could you watch this video?

The Ginger Ninjas have done something truly amazing here. It is the kind of thing the rest of us dream about and never do. Let's help them finish this film so we can all live vicariously through their incredible adventure. I know I want to see what happened along the way- the road from Todos Santos to Guadalajara is something I have only experienced on a bus, and that was something else!

Visit the Ginger Ninja's Kickstarter page. Give them a couple of bucks instead of buying a latte today. Bicycle community isn't just in the lane!


  1. So, exactly what transportation policy are they pursuing in Mexico? What are the next steps besides the movie? I see potential but wonder about the specifics! Ahhh, cycle-maker to roving band-leader/policy-maker is so romantic!

  2. I think you may have too much expectation for this. They are a very "seat of your pants kind of group". Movie first, then policy : )

  3. It's a pleasant, gritty, awesome revolution let's peddle!

    Great to hear from the Ginger Ninjas again.