Tuesday, August 16, 2011

of bikes and babes

fresh off the tribute to val, here's where we get to pass along the love of bikes to the newest generation.

the last time we talked of this little one, he was in his mama's belly, shopping for bikey onesies in the mission.

now? he's got his first birthday behind him and more than a couple of teeth in those gums.

sup, esss a close up.

we went to nomnom. while waiting in line, look at what his mom said that she got for him, but really for me. heh. ;)

hat and bikes

they are sold out of the shirt, fyi....at least it appears so by going to their site.

i walk now

he can barely walk, but he can stand really well!

teedler toddler


oh haiiiiii! look at that smile. melts the toughest of cold hearts. (mine is not of those.)

mama here is wanting to take him around their neighborhood in LA on a bike. maybe next time he's on the blog, he'll be on a skuuuuuuuuuuuut it up! ;) well, maybe first he'll be on the back of a bike. he's certainly dressed for it.

other than bikes, looks like we have something in common. a love of hats.

ok, and he loves dogs too. he make friends easily :)


love my favorite baby b-boy! besos con mocos simpre! babas por vida!<3<3


  1. My son has been on bikes since he was a day old. I took him around the block to get used to the bike. he's been riding on the back of our bike friday tandem, pedalling, since he was three and has ridden his own 2 wheeler at 5, just in time to ride to school every day as a kindergartener.
    Here he is, on the first day.

  2. he's adorbs. very even tempered even after a lil 2 yr old girl gave him a kick to the you-know-whats.

    i can't wait to help him and his mom out for biking in la :)

  3. aww spanks Tia Smely! well i got him his first trailer so mr little big man will be 2 wheelin' it soon. he's gonna need some more bikey outfits =)