Tuesday, August 9, 2011

marin century 2011

this weekend while ade was encouraging you to get off the interwebs and on the bike, i was already a few hours into my 2nd century, the first one to be 100 miles. 100 kilometers no more. here are some pictures.

the beginning

head tilt
base conditioned ready.

good morning 1011

a moment of peace. and cows. and signs.

marin haystacks
marin's haystacks

who's rad?
who's rad?

bike posse finished!

soma dino!
soma saurus!

post-century meal
post-century meal

no nio! that's mah food.
don't mess with this meal!

and then i woke up to this. it was pretty amazing. calmed the screaming thighs down.

sunday morning views.

sunday morning

it was good to run into so many people from butterlap, and from the sf bikey community in general. we are awesome! i look forward to doing more rides and becoming a stronger rider as a result. i've come a long way in a year, but there's so much more to do and so much farther to go. that means more time in the saddle, and that is never a bad thing.

much love to all of you. happy tuesday.


  1. Guhreat pics. Esp love the one with the cows and peace. There were so many pretty moments like that. Ride of mah life.

  2. Next year, the Mt. Tam double!

    Well, ok, maybe the double metric. I'm about to go out for one of those myself, bearing in mind what the standard unit of length in the metric system actually is. I need an onion.

  3. @ale: IKR? i'll have to look for some more rides coming up in the "summer months"

    @kfg: i think i want to get stronger first and try the century again. maybe metric double. is "only" 30k more. we'll see.

    @paddyanne: it was! it's way nice to ride with your friends. and also take time to smell the roses and eat some berries on the side of the road too.

  4. You guys are fantastic! I thought of riding the metric solo this year as a personal challenge, but the timing was all wrong. I am soooo happy you all kicked ass!!!!!