Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's The Weekend

Stop looking at the internet and get out there!

Kick Back

Your bicycle wants to go see something!


  1. Hi Adrianne. I'm a friend of Melyssa's and I hear you're the expert on bikes and kids. My baby just turned one and I'm itching to get him biking with me. But how? seat? trailer? I'm a novice to bikes in general so any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  2. I am going I am. Both my bicycles are seeing action this weekend. Took my vintage mixte out for its first session under its new owners guidance - she's fast on the flat, picks up amazing speed on the down, not tried up yet.
    Off to the city ride in Manchester with my trusty modern steed today - since there will be lots of slow moving bikes & kids that do random things infront of you, wanted a bike I'm totally familiar with.
    And all this despite big grey Mancunian rain clouds too :-)

  3. Been out was 84* with a heat index of 94* 0700 this morning! Not good riding weather at all!


  4. Already made my cereal/newspaper run to the grocery store, but even over here on the east coast it is hot and soupy at 9am...