Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Walker This Way

OK. So my DIY from yesterday has been one-upped. OK. 20,000 upped! As a woman who has spent a decade and a half with walkers and the elderly all I can say is that this guy is killing it! I also have to give huge props to his family for not getting in his way. Thanks to Ramona Wheelright for dropping this in our laps!

Super Grandpa Rig

Once a life has been changed by cycling, the notion of not riding becomes a threat to all that is good and true. As demonstrated here by Super Grandpa, of San Francisco, no expense will be spared to accommodate the aging cyclist in her/his quest to be mobile. Do you know someone who exudes this sentiment and clearly will always ride? Do you know this man, whose image was captured on Dolores Street? I'd love to learn more about him and how he fashioned his bike support system, as I figure I will be doing the same in a few decades.


  1. Did making the cover for the hose clamp make you feel good? If not it should have. If I saw it on the street I would single you out as a person that gets shit done and worth knowing.

  2. Wow! Kudos to that man for still biking! What an indomitable spirit!

  3. The photo - and the gentleman - are classic! Hats off to this guy... and as you say, to his family and friends too, for letting him just get on with life and allowing him to enjoy it.

  4. I would love to hear his story, if you ever find out the who's and how's. That is great.

  5. OF- James is always figuring shit out. He is quite good that way. I am good at making it pretty after : )

    GTD- I know! I worked in geriatric rehab for 15 years and this kind of thing just makes me happy!

    Michael- this shot was taken not too far from my home. If I ever see him when I am with my husband, who is a native Cantonese speaker, I may just be able t talk to this lovely man.

  6. FANTABULOUS! If you see him again, pls get his name and info. I will donate the first $50 towards the "Buy This Champ A Proper Trike Campaign"! :-)

    And here's a story about another fella from the same tribe, my HERO <3: