Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baiku Time Machine

I wrote this in the comments of a post back in November 2009.

We Are Traffic

pedal, pedal fast
the light will turn yellow soon
down goes the foot. damn!

OK. Your turn! We haven't had any baiku's in a long time! Remember 5-7-5 is the pattern and bikes are the theme. GO!


  1. Commuter mind film:
    Meetings, deadlines, bills, rat race
    Don't rush: ride a bike.

  2. Shoaling at red lights
    Road bikes hem me in, but I
    Leave them in my dust.

  3. so nice, young riders
    you think in rhythm and rhyme.
    baiku on, my friends!

  4. Sorry, I have another one, inspired by yesterday's ride home.

    Do I bike in place,
    while biking east gets a boost?
    So strong the west wind.

  5. Mother Nature cries
    I ride between and around
    her tears they miss me