Friday, April 15, 2011

black and white saturday - CicLAvia 2011


if you missed this 2nd ciclavia, next one will be sunday, July 10th :) yay! are you coming?

bike party!!
happy weekend! ^_^


  1. I may try to come down for the next one. That could be fun!

  2. it'll be hot in the 90's for sure

  3. Did you shoot these photos while riding your bike or on foot? The grinning collider is a fun one...

  4. Wouldn't/Couldn't miss it.

    But regarding the heat apprehension for July in Los Angeles, the first CicLAvia in October unrolled amidst temps in the 90s. Don't let a little warm weather scare ya -- especially since bikes in motion come standard with air-circulation systems.

  5. yay Ade! can't wait to hang with you again!

    ben- both :)

    Will- yes :) I remember the first CicLAvia was really warm and people still showed up. also, there's this small store in little Tokyo that sold yummy snow cones!