Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chair Delivery

Since buying La Ballena, you may think that I reserve it for all of my cargo hauling needs. Not so, not so! I can find a way to get almost anything on my Bat.

Chair Delivery

Huge purse in the front. A dozen chicken eggs, a dozen quail eggs, 6 avocados, a bunch of leeks, 2 lbs of lamb sausage and a jar of home preserved lemons in the left pannier. An abandoned Japanese chair in the right pannier. Had I been successful at the Apple store, I would have had a new IPad on their somewhere as well.

It isn't just me hauling chairs and other things, either.

You Carry The Chair, I'll Take A Nap

Kid? Check. Backpack? Check. Fishing gear in backpack? Check. Folding chair? Check.

Furniture Mover

Who needs a rack when you have strong biceps?


  1. Impressive! My post a couple weeks ago shows how I even stuffed my panniers into an apparent gestating mother-grape!