Friday, April 1, 2011

Bikey Bay Area Weekend Calendar

(warning: no april fool's joke is contained in the context of this post.)



1/2 of the route is our commute! check out the fourth bike party bike ride:

SF bike coalition provides you with awesome valet parking at the ferry building's saturday farmers market. go use their services and tell them how much you love your bike valets. i hear they take donations in terms of food! ;)

Sports Basement is going to Nicasio. You should join them now that the rain has stopped (we hope!!).

What: Sports Basement Sunday Ride
Beginnermediate Group - ~55 miles @ 14-16mph avg. on the flats - (slower uphill) - no rider left behind. Wait at tops of hills and major intersections.
When: Sunday, April 3rd - Meet up at 8:30am for snacks & juice - ride rolls out at 9:00am.
Where: Sports Basement Presidio - 610 Old Mason St., The Presidio of San Francisco
Bring: Your helmet (this is mandatory!), a couple of water bottles, a little cash, an ID, a cell phone with saved I.C.E. contact, and a patch kit & tube.
Don't Bring: Your iPod or any devices which plug your ears or impair your ability to hear. This is a group ride and we want to make sure that you are communicating with your group for safety and social reasons :-)
Note: Riders under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to ride with us.

now go and enjoy life this weekend on your bike. you deserve it!

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  1. I just started riding in Mobile, AL and I'm training for a tour from Seattle, WA to Vancouver, BC (and blogging about it, so I don't chicken out!). Wish I were able to find more rides like this in my area where they commit to not leaving people behind!